Whether you’re running a shop, an office, a factory or another kind of commercial premises, it’s vital to keep it warm in the winter if you want to provide a comfortable environment for both staff and customers. Neglecting to upgrade your boiler can lead to all kinds of negative consequences, from frozen pipes to huge bills, so getting a new one should be high on your list of jobs. Here are nine benefits you and your company will receive from replacing your commercial boiler.

Increased property value

If your company owns the premises from which they operate, investing in a new form of commercial heating system can increase the value of your real estate assets. Should you come to sell your property, perhaps to move somewhere bigger, your property will be worth more. Even if you aren’t thinking of moving right now, you can still enjoy the benefits of a new heating system whilst knowing that your property is increasing in value.

Reduced Heating Bills

A new boiler runs at maximum efficiency, which means it uses less fuel to heat your premises. Modern boiler systems are far more efficient than their predecessors, using less power to heat the same building to the same temperature. This means you will save money on your heating bills in the long term. Whilst the initial outlay may feel expensive, it’s an investment that will quickly pay off.

Smaller and Quieter

New boilers tend to be smaller and quieter than older models. This is a great benefit as they can be installed in a smaller space, freeing up room in your premises for more storage or shop floor space. They also make less noise, which makes your premises a more pleasant place to work in or visit.

Happier staff and customers

Whilst a tropically hot workplace is likely to make your staff fall asleep on the job, heating your premises to a warm and comfortable temperature will increase productivity. The Approved Code of Practice suggests that a minimum temperature in a workplace should be 16 degrees Celsius and, whilst this is not a legal requirement, employers have a duty to make sure their staff are working in acceptable conditions.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Research has shown that 80% of people say they are likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability. Upgrading your boiler means it will be as efficient as possible, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat your premises. No matter whether your boiler uses oil, gas or electricity, an excess use of fuel has a negative impact on the environment. Replacing your boiler will reduce your carbon footprint, which will make your company more sustainable and has many business advantages.

More Accurate Temperature Control

There’s nothing worse than having to waste part of your day constantly fiddling with the temperature control on your boiler. Old boilers have a tendency to become more reliable at providing an exact temperature, which can be frustrating and time consuming. Having a new commercial boiler fitted will give you the control you need to achieve the correct temperature across all areas of your commercial premises.

Smarter controls

When a boiler is replaced the controls usually need an upgrade too. Many businesses choose a digital programmable system that can be controlled via an app from a smartphone or other device. A system like this means that temperatures can be controlled remotely: heating can be kept ticking over whilst people are away from the workplace, and it’s easy and convenient to respond to sudden warm spells or cold snaps.

Set Up Multi-zone Heating

Improved controls and a digital programmable system enable you to heat different zones at different times. For example, you may have a warehouse that needs to be warmed very early in the morning, whereas your office radiators don’t need to come on until people arrive at work later. You can also set separate timers for weekends or over periods when your premises are quiet, such as during the Christmas holidays.

Hot Water on Demand

Older boiler systems often require a hot water cylinder to be heated, which takes time and uses a lot of unnecessary energy. Modern combi boilers heat water by drawing it from the mains and passing it through a heat exchanger, giving you hot water as and when you need it. It also means you don’t need a large water cylinder, which will free up much needed space within your premises.


The only downside of having a new boiler replaced is the money it will cost to have it fitted. However, rather than thinking of it as a large layout, think of it as an investment in your business. As explained above, it will increase productivity, reduce bills, make your carbon footprint smaller, take up less space and make your premises more attractive for customers and visitors. Your investment will be quickly paid off but the benefits will last for many years.