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Our commercial boilers engineers have more than 30 years of combined experience in boiler installation, service and repair.

We cover all aspects of commercial boiler servicing and breakdowns for offices, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, industrial sites and other commercial premises.

Our experienced technicians regularly attend manufacturer courses and training sessions so we’re constantly updated about industry regulations and knowledge to ensure the commercial boilers we install to comply with the latest standards.

Speak to us about an annual boiler service, boiler maintenance and repairs.

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Why Invest in a New Commercial Boiler?

Businesses are required by law to maintain the appliances that provide heating and hot water provided to staff and customers.

If you have recently noticed that your energy costs are rising, your boiler is suffering leaks, making strange noises or your boiler is breaking down with increasing frequency, then it is time to think about a replacement.

Installing a new, more efficient commercial boiler will fix these issues, meaning it will reduce your energy consumption, become more reliable and easier to find replacement parts. It will also improve your business’s environmental credentials and your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating as well as giving you more control over the temperature within different areas of your business. With proper maintenance a commercial boiler will last for 15 years or more.

“Your personal intervention also saved us thousands of pounds thanks to your foresight and persistence in dealing with the tricky flue situation. All potential problems were seen as something to work through; not a problem but just challenges to overcome.”

Which Type of Commercial Boiler Should you Buy?

There are two main types of commercial boiler, combi and system boilers.

Commercial Combi Boiler

Combi boilers provide instant hot water from the mains water supply so it doesn’t require a tank to heat your premises or to give you hot water. They are more suited to businesses with lower demand for hot water. They are also the more affordable option.

Commercial System Boiler

System boilers use a hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank to provide hot water. They are more suited to businesses that use lots of water for example hotels, gyms and industrial premises. With system boilers, the water in the tank needs to heat up before it can be used. System boilers are bigger so they require more space. They are also more expensive than combi boilers.

Commercial Oil and LPG Boiler Installation and Replacement

Whether you are looking to fit a new oil boiler or are looking to equip your business with an efficient and flexible LPG boiler, which relies on stored gas to generate heat, Invictus Mechanical Ltd can install a new boiler at your commercial premises quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Boiler Resources

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