What are the Main Components of a Commercial Boiler

A commercial boiler is a pressurised system that burns combustible fuel to heat water. Some types of boiler distribute the hot water itself, whilst others use water that has been turned into steam. The hot water or steam is circulated…

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What are the benefits of replacing a Commercial Boiler?

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Whether you’re running a shop, an office, a factory or another kind of commercial premises, it’s vital to keep it warm in the winter if you want to provide a comfortable environment for both staff and customers. Neglecting to upgrade…

Safety Requirements for Commercial Boiler Rooms

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Accidents involving exploding boilers or fires can be dangerous to human life, damage property and ultimately have a negative effect on production. The problems most commonly associated with accidents include poorly designed boilers, wrongly sited boilers, wrongly installed boilers, and…

How to Make Sure Your Boiler Room is Safe

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The boiler room is one of the most important rooms in any commercial building. But due to the nature of the room, safety is incredibly important. Serious safety risks can occur when the correct safety procedures are not followed. So…

A Guide to Commercial Boiler Flue Systems

August 28th, 2020|0 Comments

Flues are a crucial part of every commercial boiler installation. Selecting the correct one for a commercial boiler is very important, as getting wrong can lead to poor performance and even cause safety issues. This guide will explain what flues…

The Business Advantages of Tapping into Sustainable Heat

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The ever-rising cost of energy bills can take its toll on a business. Whether you’re just starting up, or have been established for a while, you probably worry about the hit to your profits every time you pay your heating…

Are Heat Pumps the Right Choice for your Property?

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With the topic of global warming never out of the headlines, many people are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprints. One option that is growing increasingly popular is to install a heat pump in the home. Next…

What to Expect During Your New Boiler Installation

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Boilers typically last for more than ten years, but you could be at the point where you already need to replace your commercial boiler. Whether it’s because your old boiler isn’t working anymore or you’d rather have a newer, upgraded…

Commercial Boiler Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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Most establishments and buildings in the UK rely on commercial boilers, which typically last for more than a decade with proper care. Because a boiler malfunction can result in property damage and even health hazards, it’s a legal requirement to…

How to Pick The Right Commercial Boiler For Your Business

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Commercial boilers are among the most essential parts of a business. They may be running behind the scenes, but they keep building and workplace temperatures comfortable. Without a properly functioning boiler, work inside your building might lag or even stop….