Invictus Mechanical is one of the premier aircon and heating companies operating in Bristol and Bath. We offer a full spectrum of professional aircon services – from installation to maintenance and repair, we can keep your residential or commercial cooling units in tip-top shape all year round.

Our air conditioner team consists of engineers, site surveyors, and expert customer satisfaction agents who can provide end to end support.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

The type of air conditioning unit we’ll install will depend on the nature of your commercial or residential property. Our engineers have experience of installing air con in the following places:

  • Air Con in Offices
  • Air Con in Retail Stores
  • Air Con in Restaurants
  • Air Con in Server Rooms
  • Air Con in Hospitals and Clinics
  • Air Con in Schools and Universities

The Importance of Professional Aircon Installation

Saves you energy

A properly installed, serviced and maintained air conditioner is an efficient machine that can cut down your energy consumption. Conversely, clogged air filters and dirty coils can make your machines work harder than they need to, raising your electricity bills.

Expert advice is crucial. Less experienced installers may only provide generic maintenance instructions without considering the special requirements of your business or home. In fact, many buildings and establishments don’t follow improvement recommendations, simply because they’re unactionable.

Cleans air quality

Choosing too big or too small air conditioners can significantly affect the humidity in the room. Too high, and rooms will become muggy breeding grounds for allergens, spores, and dust mites. Too low, and occupants become more prone to dry skin and pesky static electricity-induced mini shocks.

Installers need to keep an eye on more than optimal temperatures. They are trained to factor in the size of the unit relative to space it’s going to cool.

Enables smooth daily operations

Professionally installed air conditioners are also less likely to break down, further reducing costs in repair or undue replacements. Trained engineers are best equipped for tasks like matching refrigerant pressure with the unit’s requirements, which amateur installers may overlook.

Robust aircon units are especially important in commercial and office spaces, where faulty machines directly negatively impact daily operations, employee and customer moods, and in some places, even the efficiency of your machines.

Thaws productivity

A sweltering or freezing office is no place for happy, productive employees. These extremes result in uncomfortable and less effective staff. Employees make more mistakes and work slower when they’re too cold. Professionally installed air conditioners ensure optimal temperatures throughout the whole office.

Each office provides a unique challenge for installation, which is why we often use zoned air conditioning to maintain the right temperatures in the right spaces. Installers have to consider the shape and size of rooms when deciding where best to place machines. Poor placement can result in some areas being frigid, while some remain unbearably muggy.

Keeps data safe

Data servers can run extremely hot, and without proper airflow, it’s only a matter of time before your processing slows and worse, breaks down completely.

Server room air conditioning itself presents unique challenges. Many rooms are only big enough to house the servers themselves, leaving no room for your standard column air conditioners. Most businesses opt for wall-mounted or suspended units, which are typically more powerful than machines you would see in homes, and don’t take up valuable floor space.

Boosts customer satisfaction

The restaurant and retail business is highly competitive. Customers are constantly presented with multiple options, while business owners have to jostle for attention. Second to taste, comfort is what makes loyal regulars out of new customers.

Some shop owners may think aircon placement doesn’t matter, as long as they have it in-store. But the location is crucial. Like offices, you wouldn’t want some customers shivering while the other half sweats. Improperly installed air conditioners can make for poor shopping or dining experiences that will definitely affect your bottom line.

Quick, Professional Servicing by REFCOM Registered Engineers

Failing to install and maintain appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration units properly can pose serious danger to the health and safety of a building’s occupants. It is vital employers comply with relevant safety regulations and standards to ensure employees and the public are not at risk from faulty or incorrectly-installed equipment.

Since 1994, REFCOM has been offering guidance to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Invictus Mechanical is a REFCOM-certified company, meaning we are officially certified to service air conditioning units, heat pumps and other equipment and systems that contain F gas.

Invictus Mechanical engineers are REFCOM registered and are trained to meet the highest industry standards. So you can be assured that our engineers are always at the top of their game.

All our engineers regularly undertake new training, meaning they are always up to date with the latest air conditioning and heat pump installation and maintenance safety regulations and standards.

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