Invictus Mechanical’s heat and pump engineers install, repair and maintain air conditioning units regularly, in all manner of Bristol and Bath-based premises.

Professionally installed and regularly maintained air conditioning units and heat pumps come with a number of benefits. Air conditioning technology that is kept in optimum condition, will be more energy efficient, helping businesses save money on what is often an essential business expense. Optimum-working air conditioning units and heat pumps will also maximum comfort in a workplace, reducing humidity and improving air quality.

For businesses that operate air conditioning technology, it is therefore within their interest to keep such equipment operating at maximum efficiency with the help of reliable, professional and experienced air conditioning and heat pump engineers.

Whether a small shop, corporate offices or industrial units and warehouses, we can service all your air conditioning and heat pump requirements.

REFCOM Registered Engineers

Failing to install and maintain appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration units properly can pose serious dangers to the health and safety of a building’s occupants. It is vital employers comply with relevant safety regulations and standards to ensure employees and the public are not are at risk from faulty or incorrectly-installed equipment.

Since 1994, REFCOM has been offering guidance to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Invictus Mechanical is a REFCOM-certified company, meaning we are officially certified to service air conditioning units, heat pumps and other equipment and systems that contain F gas.

Invictus Mechanical engineers are REFCOM registered and are trained to meet the highest industry standards. So you can be assured that our engineers are always at the top of their game.

All our engineers regularly undertake new training, meaning they are always up to date with the latest air conditioning and heat pump installation and maintenance safety regulations and standards.

Sustainable and Long Lasting Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Installation

Invictus Mechanical professional air conditioning and heat pump engineers are all highly experienced and pride themselves on always putting our customers first and providing top-quality cost-effective air conditioning and heat pump installation, repair and maintenance services.

An incorrectly installed or faulty heat pump or air conditioning unit can bring significant downtime to a business. Staff are unlikely to work at their best in uncomfortable conditions, thereby diminishing productivity levels.

Part of our first-rate customer service is meeting our fix-time fix policy. Whenever possible, our air conditioning and heat engineers will repair your equipment first time around. We try our best to minimise the disruption a faulty heat pump or air conditioning unit will inevitably have on your business.

Servicing Bristol and Bath’s Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Needs

We provide first-rate air conditioning and heat pump installation, repair and maintenance services to a diverse range of businesses and organisations throughout Bristol, the South West and further afield.

We cover the Bristol area and the wider South West, including; Bath, Stroud, Cirencester, Gloucester, Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Exeter. We even cover as far north as Birmingham.

Our Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Engineers Can Help You With:

  • Air condition servicing and repairs
  • VRV and split unit installations
  • Heat pump installation and maintenance
  • Chiller maintenance
  • AHU service and repair

Our friendly and professional team of air conditioning and heat pump engineers will go the extra mile in ensuring your business or home is equipped with the air conditioning and heat pump equipment that remains working at its optimum.

If you have an air conditioning job that you’d like to discuss or need advice on, call us today on 0117 322 6150